we do

our mission

We aim to rebalance the relationship between lenders and recipient developing countries by :

  • Nurturing a strong network of institutions from the Global South and developing a shared narrative on the needs of developing countries
  • Crafting impactful proposals on development finance and debt restructuring, backed by sound academic research
  • Establishing a joint program with researchers in China to better grasp the country’s approach to debt and development finance
  • Offering training and fellowships to disseminate policy solutions


We develop practical policy proposals and applied research organized around three key pillars, with indicative sub-themes. Our research is disseminated through our own publications on this website, via partner media organisations and thanks to global advocacy efforts.


Debt sustainability and debt restructuring

  • Filling the gaps in the sovereign debt restructuring landscape
  • Broadening our understanding of debt: integration of contingent risks
  • Better evaluating debt risks, from adapted debt sustainability frameworks to credit ratings

Access to liquidity and long-term finance

  • Use and channeling of Special Drawing Rights
  • Adapting multilateral development finance to the evolving needs of developing countries
  • Completing the Global Financial Safety Net
  • Ability to leverage other sources of finance and private investment

China as an international financier

  • Understanding various types of creditors’ institutions in China such as Development Banks, Trade Credit, private firms and banks, ODA
  • Experiences with debt workout at the national and international level
  • Lessons from the use of international finance by China
Ling Tang via Unsplash
Ling Tang via Unsplash