29-31 May 2024 | Paris School of Economics

DAY 1:  Wednesday 29th May 2024

Opening Panel: A Tribute to Daniel Cohen


Panel 2: Re-emerging after a crisis - growth perspectives and financing

1B. The challenge of reducing debt

Panel 3: Debt sustainability in a warming world: new instruments?

1C. China as a creditor

2A. From the 2001 Default to Javier Milei: A Discussion of Argentina’s Debt History and Current Events

2B. Monetary and fiscal interaction

2C. Bilateral Lending

DAY 2:  Thursday 30th May 2024

Emerging scholars' session

3A. Human rights and debt

Panel 4: Solvency and liquidity at high nominal rates

3B. State contingent debt instruments

Panel 5: In conversation with Odile Renaud-Basso, PRESIDENT, EBRD

3C. Dealing with diverse creditors

4A. Book presentation: “The Debt Crisis of the 1980s: Law and Political Economy"

4B. Climate

4C. Enforcement

DAY 3:  Friday 31st May 2024

Panel 6: The Need for a Coordinated Restructuring Framework

5A. Local currency financing

Closing Panel 7: Geopolitics of
Sovereign Debt

5B. Coordination and comparability in restructurings

6A. The politics and economics of sustainability

5C. Debt and taxes

6B. Domestic debt and defaults

6C. Debt restructuring history

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