Webinar | MDBs and Climate: Is the tide turning? | 8th Dec

Event date : 8th Dec 2022

By: Mai-Linh Florentin,  Martin Kessler,



15:00 - 16:30


OECD virtual event series

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) play a major role in financing climate needs in developing countries. At COP 27, they were called upon to “contribute to significantly increasing climate ambition using the breadth of their policy and financial instruments for greater result”,  while the G20 Leaders’ Declaration in Bali supported the implementation of the MDB Independent Review of Capital Adequacy Frameworks. A new energy has taken hold with the advent of the Bridgetown Agenda.

The OECD’s Multilateral Development Finance report, which was released on 28 November 2022, provides an important update on the MDB landscape, including its fragmentation, its size, and its climate ambitions. Together with the OECD, the Finance for Development Lab hosted a hybrid seminar to take stock of the state of multilateral climate finance in developing countries, and assess what they could do to implement these ambitions.

The seminar gathered perspectives from country experiences dealing with multilateral development banks and climate funds, and offered a global overview of the challenges surrounding MDB reforms.



Moderated by Martin Kessler, Executive Director, Finance for Development Lab

  • Introduction by Jieun Kim (OECD): Main results of the Multilateral Development Finance 2022 report, chapter 3. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
  • Ivan Machado Oliveira, Advisor, Brazilian Ministry of Economy and Research Fellow, IPEA: Scaling-up green finance in Brazil: challenges for MDBs. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
  • Ijaz Nabi, Director, Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR), Pakistan:  Poor but bankable? How MDBs can find the right climate projects in Pakistan.
  • Elise Dufief, Research Fellow, IDDRI: Aligning climate and sustainable development finance to respond to the needs of partner countries: insights on MDBs and Public Development Banks practices. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
  • Sarah Bendahou, Project Manager, I4CE: How MDBs can support Long Term Strategies development and its use in national development plans. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION